If you’re here, I’m glad.  Family and friends have challenged me to share thoughts from my life and work as science librarian, mother of four, and catechist of 3-6 year old children, all of which have provided many moments of mystery and joy.  I’ll try to  offer back a small part of what’s been given to me. And there’s room for you:  in the crowded, small house; on the path through the marsh with the rescued lab; or alongside the growing children, where the small truly shows you the great.


3 responses to “About

  1. Kathy

    I savoured your letter that arrived in this morning’s mail (thank you!), bringing with it the link to your blog. I’m even more pleased about being able to share in your world and your thoughts more immediately now, and look forward to reading your updates.

  2. Ann Joy Cahill

    Indeed it is a blessing and a privilege (not too high-falutin’ praise, I hope) to have “discovered” by happenstance in a morning phone call your blog. I’ve forwarded it to my writer daughter and several Waring folk. Good writing is so satisfying.

  3. I love your blog ! It represents an opportunity to still share in a life I’ve long since stopped being a part of. As I read of the things that occupy your daily thoughts, I’m struck by the articulation and well-developed awareness of the things that surround you. It brings to mind conversations of the past and memories of what drew me to you as a friend so long ago. Perhaps we’ll meet again in an airport and share a few minutes on a drive back back to our earliest homes. I can’t think of anything I would more enjoy.

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