You Know You’ve Been to Fenway When…

I write this post still floating from a treat-of-all -treats on Sunday: the chance to use a friend’s free tickets to the last regular season game in the career of Red Sox legend David Ortiz. Imagine sitting in the executive level, right over home plate, able to enjoy the down draft of a heater(!) to take out the trace of October chill, and even having “curb service” take your order and bring you snacks. Whaaat?

In honor of this exquisite gift, I humbly offer these observations in the style of another trip taken awhile ago now, but enjoyed by someone close to home.

You know you’ve been to Fenway when….

  • The person in the chai latte line moves just slightly away from you; it takes a second, but you realize you are humming “Sweet Caroline” and good times never did seem so good.
  • Security placed a red sticky tape on your handbag and you’re a bit slow to remove it. You even consider darting into the florist whose sign out front reads “ten percent discount if you are wearing Red Sox gear” because… that tape is close enough.
  • For just a moment, you wonder about buying season tickets. For just a moment.
  • As you begin the afternoon walk to the station your mind goes back to the 7th inning stretch. There comes a tightness in your chest: how much your grandfather would have enjoyed this place! His Kentucky farm hosted at least two diamonds, and he played so many games he had a hollowed out spot in the middle of his chest that would swallow a child’s small hand: poor protection for catchers back then.
  • For just another moment, you remember the games you’ve seen at the other “most beloved” ballpark up on the North Side. Is it disloyal to love them both?
  • Nearly 24 hours later, that “Fenway Frank” for supper is still a pleasant memory.
  • You are still happy you bought the 32 ounce David Ortiz souvenir cup even though doing so caused you to miss diving for the foul ball that landed on two people to your right.
  • Even on the day after the day after, you can still close your eyes and see the look of the infield extending back to toward right. No need to explain the smile on your face. It was a great day.

Thank you, Red Sox friends!


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