Some Things Beautiful, Some a Bit Odd

It’s been a very full day here and the morning walk through the marsh yielded a view of one of the most beautiful blue skies I have ever seen. The snow of yesterday provided enough of a dusting to winterize the meadow scene but not bog down the dog. Several folks were arriving just as we were leaving. Since no one was searching the sky, it must have been a group hiking excursion rather than a cool bird sighting.

But we took off and did not linger, the dog and I, to run a few errands before returning home to breakfast. That’s when a couple of the stranger events of the day took place. The first is the new construction of a storage unit a few miles up the road from the marsh walk turnoff: it’s going to sprout out of the ground! These structures aren’t uncommon these days, but they do seem to be popping up more often. I’d like to know what’s being stored in these beasts. Are they full of people’s things that won’t fit in an attic? (We have a lot of those in New England, and mine is pretty full!)

The other odd moment was something really small but it gave me great pause. Usually I switch on the radio to hear the weather in the car, but the other day an icon of headphones showed on the display for the station number. No matter what I tried: pushing buttons, reading 4 pages of the car manual, scanning, nothing brought the sound back. Today, however, I had the idea of just turning the knob volume up and guess what? Out came the sound!

Beautiful views, odd moments, full days, quiet nights. Catching up on work for the house, the job, the upcoming tax appointment, learning some tough health news about relatives of friends, these made up the rest of the day up to this moment, which itself is odd. I am sitting here in the living room with the clock screaming the hour is way later than it should be. I’m with one of (today’s) other two house residents, watching the TV wrap up on the day’s politics. I don’t know what is more odd, that I am doing this or the situation on the screen before me. What I do know is that life can be both good and hard and beautiful and odd, all in a mere 24 hours.


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