Deep and Crisp and Uneven

Yes, Bostonians are emerging from all the snow and perhaps in a couple of days, we’ll also escape this biting cold, though we are quick to acknowledge we are not the only ones enduring this aspect of winter. The inspiration for the title of this post came while walking the dog last week in-between sidewalls of snow higher than my head. Many of us were around for the Chicago blizzard of 1969, or in several other spots for the 1978 event. But I’m here to say I have never seen this much snow, and yes, it’s deep, and crisp, but very uneven.

The country knows other things have been uneven out here lately, most famously perhaps our beleaguered MBTA. Earlier today one of our long-time morning conductors was heard to say, “Well, your pass doesn’t say you’re entitled to lights, heat, wifi, an on-time arrival or power: you get a ride!” I tried that out on another commuter with whom I walk the last stretch onto campus. She thought those things could be included in an implied contract, but I daresay at this point, most of us will just settle for the ride.

But tonight we have a new angle on the situation. The traincar I’m in is completely dark except for yellow hanging glow sticks on the hooks at each seat row: the kind with glowing goo that you might wave about at a concert, just a bit shorter and stouter. There’s a peaceful, settled feel to the group in here: we’d rather be seated and riding, I suppose, than totally squashed or worse, left behind. I can see some light in other cars, and we’ve been invited to move there when we lose a few passengers at the upcoming stops. But my two layers everywhere, massive scarf, and laptop will make the ride seem just another day. It is a bit rough on the task to transcribe today’s meeting notes, though.

Stay as warm as you can all!


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