Potpourri Friday

What a week. It feels good to have it behind me as we wind our way home together on this commuter train. As I look west, a large part of the sky has an great shiny, creamsicle kind of orange glow and flow. A few darker clouds lurk on the far horizon, reminding me of the current state of world news (I fear). But the streaks of clear blue sky also stretch out, and remind me that, overall, my re-entry from my week long trip back to the heartland has been full of good catch-up and resettlement. It was a solid visit with family and friends, of getting things done including a side trip out to the deeper corn country of Iowa. Now I’m back to the research questions, change of seasons, splashes of autumn welcome to the eyes, and many borders that need to be readied for their colder sleep to come.

I could write about the warm rain Wednesday or the full moon this week, but those descriptions wouldn’t do justice to how well these natural things fit into the week. Or I could muse about the long list of To Do items I crossed off my list once back: rewarding, but so over now. No, it’s better to reflect on two small things: how wonderful it is to be reading Wendell Berry again, and an overheard tune from two weeks ago that I still find rumbling out at unexpected moments.

Going to Berry’s Port William is a trip to the best of the past and a hope for the future. There I meet some of my own past, and wonder again about the hard-working folk that form my stock. I aspire to be like them and wonder how to achieve it.

As for the mysterious tune, who knows why it came floating down the subway platform for all to hear? The day was gorgeous and warm, the underground tunnel even warmer. The tune came out of a device full blast, landing on all waiting ears, like it or not. And yet the oddest thing happened: that old, self-paced, soulful melody made more than my head turn. Did the tune sharer know this would happen?
Two weeks and many, many miles later, there is no earthly reason why I should run errands or do chores with ‘Stone in Love with You, (oo oo’!) leaking out of my brain.

But there you have it. Hum along, and Happy Friday!


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