Summer Morning

So how do you make a comfortable Monday morning?

Begin with a tall chai latte made just right by a man who knows

Your name. Then board an on-time train full of people

Dressed appropriately for the weather (Look at those sandals!)

Next, grab the commuter-friendly (thin) book of Tony Hoagland’s[i] poems with

Lovely!  Just enough time to read and treasure three more.

It’s not that the train has AC (although that helps)

Nor that I open my calendar to a fairly light day.

It’s that summer, and our routine stop for breakfast-in-hand

Is a plumb line that both pulls my daughter and me forward yet

Anchors us in the now.

Those tall, poised egrets at the marsh by the power plant may seem more ready than we

to poke for their morning fish, but don’t worry.

Even though many of our flock disembark at Chelsea, the rest

Ride on determined to do a good day’s work in the city.

The heat will grant us a gentler pace, I hope, with

Plenty of Grace at the ready.

[i] Hoagland, Tony. Unincorporated persons in the late Honda dynasty: poems. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2010.


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