“If you are going to win, do it in regulation !”

I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday  (it’s Thursday) and had no idea where I’d been for the past 8 hours. Yesterday was a perfect summer day and well worth the half day of vacation I burned since I didn’t walk into my virtual office until tea time. The day was full of the last child’s last day of school; laundry; errands; bills; peaceful hanging of said laundry; calling the laundry repairman;  so much was accomplished that when I finally put the last of the tasks behind me, it was third period in the Boston v. Chicago hockey final.

Into overtime the game went, again, after the Bruins tied it up with a goal I actually witnessed: usually I can barely see the puck skidding around on the ice. It was a beauty of a shot, fast, clean, and right along  the “right” side right into the net. But I was fast turning into mush at the thought of another 20 minute break followed by overtime play. Now I’m on my train on the morning after, and have no idea who won the game ( though I ‘m sure I’ll find out soon.)

As I ascended the stairs I joked that if the B’s were going to win, why not do it in regulation time? Perhaps such a win might be less exciting, but maybe not. If we factor in the midsummer early rising sun, the wretched Eastern Time zone and commuting demands, we can see why a good portion of us would prefer a regulation time win. But then, is anything really done in “regulation time?”  Moreover, what IS that?

Time is one of the most mysterious commodities. Our earthly rotations and days are eternally the same (well, close enough) and yet the whole of time is fleeting. Some days fly, others drag. Lately whenever I look at a clock it is eleven minutes past the hour: 11:11, 1:11, 5:11. How odd is that, or is it not odd?   For any life, is there regulation time versus overtime?

One of the reasons I love this view at the GE complex and half- station stop is the same reason I love the marsh. It shows us an Earth older than we will ever be, larger than ourselves and yet invitational to little us. It is outside time,  yet operates within  the time constraints that  govern it. 

And so should we. We seek victory in regulation time, and sometimes we’re called into overtime. I suppose we need to keep our eyes on the goal, no matter what the clock says.


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