That’s how it’s been feeling these past two weeks yet I wonder if anything in the mix can really be interesting to anyone else? So many people are going in so many different directions; each one leaves behind a large wake.  All the more reason, it seems, to pause this morning and watch the killdeer fly in across the marsh grass and the bobolink perched on the stalk clatter in dismay. These walks along the river are “time outside time,” and a wonderful gift when the rest of the day is so chock full of things to do you aren’t sure which ones to tackle next.

Last week a lovely visit from our eldest, well into her first pregnancy,  included a huge weed-out of her files, papers, photos and general memorabilia. When our truck became available this weekend, $14.00 saw us hauling 7 bags of compost,  3 of trash and a dead lawn chair off our property (and, sadly, onto other property somewhere else, but that post is for another day). The eldest son is set to have his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. The husband/father is recovering from a mysterious nasty GI infection that involved a run to the ER. In three days, the other daughter’s gentleman friend arrives for a visit. I hope I didn’t sever the invisible dog electric fence in a fit of mad gardening late last night, but I will face up to it if I did.

The yard looks like a ropes course as we tried to air dry the 5 massive loads of laundry that had been backed up due to all of the above and the washer that still isn’t fixed.  And in it all, we still seek to move the winter clothes out, the summer ones  in, mark end of year milestones and get enough sleep.

But I know this is life, life in all its fullness. Disappointments, disagreements come to all of us like unwanted spices in these pleasant, first days of summer, days for which we have  longed. My household is also dealing with a few of these, but I hope through the coming days I can work toward less scattershot, less frenzy, and more peace. Is it possible?


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