Two Gulls and a Tuesday Freewrite

As we head into the tunnel on the train this morning, I’m thinking of the richness that’s been around me for the last week. A touch of warm weather brought us to the annual burning of the Christmas tree and much brush on Holy Saturday, which this year felt part of the Great Triduum. Nature has been on good behavior for a week: the sun’s golden glow on the marsh weeds sets off the stark blue water. And there was time this morning, even in the rush out the door, to read an email tribute my husband received for one of his late colleagues. The simple words of honor and grief pulled us to hail this man’s living legacy. The weekend brought nervousness while awaiting test results for my brave 89 year old mother and the normal duties of home. Prior to all this, the routine tasks of going to, doing, and coming home from work provided a daily scaffold for us all.

How could I put all this living into a blog post, I wondered, as we pulled into the crowded station at the harbor. When I saw two white headed gulls perched on the concrete berm, seemingly talking together, and remembered those words my children often hear at their school, “Freewrite!”, the way forward seemed more clear.

Those gulls could have been lifted right from a movie set: picture two old men on a bench discussing the still-cold weather or construction across the way. Or they could be  pondering the tentative green shoots seen in the ground or the birdsong heard if the wind is right.  These gulls are just gulls, yes: messy, raucous, and pests some of the time. But they also are about their business on a spring day, just like the rest of us.

Never mind that the To Do list is long, that yesterday I got a parking ticket because I completely forgot to stuff money into the slot. It’s OK that I lost the too-big blazer in the house and am crammed into one too small. So what if today the commuters are still in parkas and seem pale around the edges? Most of our teams are out of the NCAA tournament, and some of us won’t know yet if the Red Sox won or lost the season opener. The point is that Spring IS coming. The gulls are discussing it, and we should be thankful. Salud, Spring!


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