“Sometimes You Just Have to Schedule a Pig-Roast”

This weekend actually provided an opportunity to chat with long time friends and “catch up.” The occasion was an induction ceremony for a fine young friend who recently earned Eagle Scout. After the candles, pins, remarks and well-deserved applause, some of us lingered over refreshments and shared our news, or non-news. And we wondered, as I often do, just why getting together has become so difficult, so  much more infrequent. Is there anything resembling a good reason?

We thought about our full time jobs, myriad part-time jobs, commutes, unpaid jobs, and family responsibilities. Many of our kids are in transitional phases or just starting out. We’re working more hours to pay off college loans. We might only see our neighbors in the local grocery store. I rest my case: the man who just climbed onto this very full train just announced to the entire car:  “I’ve got second part-time job working for a friend’s website!”  (Eh?)

But I liked what one friend put out there as a challenge: “Sometimes you just have to schedule a pig roast.” She may not be surprised to learn that I’ve actually been to a pig roast, and even a goat roast, way back in our Tucson days, courtesy of a favorite hunter-gatherer who still hunts in those arroyos. But the point is, she’s right. Sometimes we have to make the party the priority. To set the work and other demands aside and stoke the fire of friendships. We don’t want to grow old alone. We’re going there with a good group of friends, and it would be nice to tell them so.

The house will never be clean or completely fixed up. The dog may or may not bark. It might cold or the bugs might be out. But let’s not let much more time go by before we have some folks in, if not for pig, then at least for a ‘cuppa. It is  “good and right so to do!”


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