All Things Brine and Beautiful

Today the sun blazes, but yesterday, in the loose grip of a fading nor’easter on the dog walk that nearly never fails to happen, I tasted the liquid on my face: salty. Yes, the sea was blowing in to meet the land and any inhabitants who dared come courting or to evaluate her power.

The guardian canine and I  had altered our usual route through the trees due to winds that lingered on the trails; those winds had caused several trees to go down even two days ago. The temperature was in the 30’s, and when the radio weather man admits it is “dank,” you know it is. All this ambiance gave opportunity to ponder why people do walk their dogs in all weathers. Non-dog owners think those who do strange at the least, but, I contend, we are not strange, but sane, for we know that without the walk, the dogs will be crazy, and we know where that will lead.

Therefore, on we puff. In cold, two –layers-on-everywhere weather like this, I feel like a walking furnace. My cylindrical warm body occasionally needs to remove its hat to emit extra heat, then when the thermostat is reset, it replaces the chimney cap again. In early November, this is only the beginning of such walks to come.

But back to this day, a sunny day, and for me, the day of taking the “test which must not be named” amongst those over fifty. Suffice to say it allowed me 3 days to be basically home bound, and get the attic seriously tidied up, a space which had not been infiltrated since last March except for the periodic dumping of mobile students’ materials.

Later today I will relax, and hope, like my son who faces a test on the periodic table, to pass the test for which I’ve been preparing. We’ll both look forward to 2 or 3 days on the other side, and I think we’ll thaw out a little along the way.



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