Correction When the Ink’s not Dry

It’s not too common for me to write back to back on the blog, but I must correct yesterday’s bib info on the book I cited by Terry Brooks. It turns out Lessons from a Writing Life is the subtitle to the proper title: Sometimes the Magic Works.  Or one could just use the ISBN (pronounced is-bi n, if you want to use two syllables) 0345465512. Sorry about that!

But there is another rich thought from this book to be shared, to be inwardly digested. On page 187, Brooks describes what it means to “find one’s voice.” Since this is an active theme at the school ¾ of my children have attended, I enjoyed reading his description: to discover what you can write and write well…”where your passion and talent provide the reader with a reason to believe you understand and love what you’re writing about.”  I suppose this means I love small things that are so often overlooked, like those cirrus clouds in the sky at 5pm tonight, or the awesome fungus at the base of the apple tree out back, or  the fact the dog’s still alive after eating the other green fungus on the hot dog buns, which was being saved for someone’s Biology lab. ( I knew I could work that in somewhere.)

But the real gem for my day was Mr Brooks’ description of one of the ways he found his voice:

“I began my search by reading everything that interested me, because reading was my roadmap to the possible.”

Roadmap to the possible. I’m sure I don’t know the full meaning of this, but I love the idea of reading forming a map, and “the possible” becoming a destination we can reach. Long may all of us read, even in this time of fast moving, visual entertainment.  Let’s make that resolve again, to read a little everyday, knowing that through it, the possible as well as the present can come fully alive.


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  1. I like the quote “roadmap to the possible”. I’ve put in a retrieval request for the UA Library’s copy of Sometimes the Magic Works! 🙂

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