The Sound of Crickets Chirping

Weekends fly by quickly in summer. Hot days provide the chance to take a refreshing dip in the back completed. Theoretically the same amount of time is so provided in winter, but the energy it takes to warm us and keep us warm surely lessens the amount of work or leisure compared to summer and her freedom.

Monday morning commutes have a particular push and pull to them. They can be tough to begin, but once moving, a latte on the road, the silence in a train car, the breeze on days there is one to catch, all serve to sweeten the deal.

And already today a moment , very small, gave me pause to wonder and smile. The second daughter starts her new job today, and we drove our familiar path to the local breakfast watering hole for stolen time before heading our separate ways. As we drove, a new clicking noise emerged in the car whose engine light won’t go off despite numerous check-ups by our star mechanic. I could barely hear it but yes, it was there, did not abate on take-off or stopping, but at the next traffic light as we came to a quiet stop I remarked, “All I hear now  is a cricket.”

The notion of a cricket in the car isn’t new. We’ve all had varieties of bugs and insects in cars: the ubiquitous mosquito, of course, buts greenheads, bees, deerflies, wasps; are all known to make berth in cars. But this was no ordinary cricket, no: it was the girl’s cell phone.

I’m not sure what was more surprising, that the phone was “ringing” at all at 7am, or that it is programmed to sound off like a bug. The sound is delicate, fainter than the real thing, and with my mid-life hearing, a little too easy to miss. It makes me want to sit out on my porch and read Cricket in Times Square.

As we pull into the station, more phones begin to ring, sounds of people packing their mobile selves bubble up, and minds turn to the list of what must be accomplished by sundown, the “real job” being only part of my personal parade of fixes: the overdue bill, next college tuition bill, calls to insurance agencies, and searches for a dog sitter for our rescue with his “troubled past.” Very small things compared to the heat and difficulties across our nation and world today, but time to begin nonetheless.

Cricket phones, porch-sits, pool dips, wedding plans, houseguests, fabric dye for a homemade LOTR cloak…whatever is in your day, I wish you peace.


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