Where Do Dreams Go?

My engagement ring has been shifted onto my right hand since very early this morning. Despite my resolve some time ago to abandon this practice in favor of using those flexible bracelets to help me remember things to do, I’ve regressed back to the ring moving. At 4:30 AM, this is still the closest piece of jewelry that I can find to move, supposing of course that my fingers are not swollen.

So it was at that early hour I opened one eye just a slit to check on the time, a slit being all I could manage since from the weekend, I’ve been fighting a conjunctivitis attack and until today, have come up losing. I hope I am turning a corner.

The reason for the time check was the pleasant ending of a very interesting dream. I can’t recall specifics, and thus I now wonder, here at tea time: Do these very vivid dreams we have just evaporate with the morning’s light and press of the day?  The ring moving was to remind me to write about this today.

This dream episode involved Olympic athletes who had convened, of all places, in our Library Storage Annex, a warehouse type building we use to store lesser used materials and reports of a quite technical nature. I’d been out to the Annex late last week, and had worked on a slide show on some of its contents  for a conference call meeting held earlier in the day, so that can partly explain why the Annex served as a location. But why should those athletes: runners, swimmers, all sorts of men and women champions, have assembled there to help me accomplish something? Not that their help would not be welcome; in fact, perhaps it’s a code of some kind: these of particular strengths would serve us well to enhance order on some of those materials.

In any case, by the time of the very wet dog walk through the very wet woods, the errands run through still foggy eyes, the helps to the daughter moving, the food tossed at hungry boys after school and work, recalling the dream became a dream itself. I don’t really need to know where it went. I remember the sense of order, happiness and completeness I felt as I drifted back into a bit more sleep. I hope this is the kind of sleep and dreaming that recharges our engines for daily wear, and rests our brains in ways we may not understand, but is effective nonetheless.


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