“Is it fixable??”

This was the question I found on my lips heading out to the marsh yesterday for the morning walk with the dog. A lineup of the day’s activities formed in my mind, beginning with the first post-walk duty: a trip to dentist for cavity filling. Never a popular outing despite the competence and friendliness of the office, I easily recalled reclining in her chair two weeks ago when she told me about the problem. “Is it fixable?” I asked, thinking back to other fixed items in the past: dental implants, root canals, ouch.

Is the car fixable? This is the next item  on the “ things break in three’s” rule of thumb we usually incant to one other when things seem to be breaking all around us.  In this case, frequent disembodied burning aromas are coming from the engine and it doesn’t  bode well.

And what about the fact that our  washing machine ecosystem is again falling under some kind of  attack and thus I’ve been making trips up to the roundabout for about 6 loads each weekend? We fixed this problem once, but now we’ll have to delve in again and plumb the depths;  Selah.

I’m not going to discuss the fix to the new hand me down computer since late last night we  managed to load the appropriate old version of the browser required by the online bank. Neither will I list as fixable  the medical flex spending snafu, nor the third child’s  lost graduation photos, since the first got fixed with a mound of paperwork and in that process, the photos were unearthed.  I suppose many issues in our infrastructure are  fixable, thank goodness… if we can apply some time and attention. Taxes are fixable, school forms are fixable. Winter is even fixable, and seems to be fixing itself.

I’m going to be grateful today for the things that are fixable and try not to worry about things that don’t seem so. At least, not for a little while.


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