Blog Block

It’s been days and days since anything worth writing about has crossed my mind or desk. I wonder why, since those colder winter winds are blowing, the dog is off the leash on the marsh, the holidays are approaching at breakneck speed, and happily, soon, the college crowd will descend on the homestead with the usual increase in trips to the grocery, car borrowing and runs for evening or late afternoon lattes.  Family news is also positive: one member snagged some venison for the freezer, and another had no cavities at the last check up. I suppose this lapse of writing is simply a symptom of being behind in preparations despite Advent being the season to do just that: Prepare.

Example: even now,  instead of coming up with something deep and lofty to think about, I am loving this view out the train window, one of the final curves after the final stop. The day has a golden glow, and I now remember now  several recent days have had that same glow, whether bouncing off the tall marsh grass or surrounding this more industrial view. The moon has been noticeably big and beautiful, either riding high and tight to the East at night, or appearing large and languishing in the West as it sleepily sets after a busy night. Maybe I’ve been too busy watching to write.

In any case, blog block or no block, time is ticking and distractions are many as we try to tie up loose ends and think about the mix of friends, family, and also the harder issues that come to mind as we look out any window on our needy world at this time of year. Perhaps it is not we who become blocked (although I’m sure some would disagree), but rather it’s that we don’t block enough time to become unblocked from the daily little or big things. We look toward Washington and Wall Street and we might feel helpless. Newspapers are full of news we are not sure we want to know. Now the end of this day is upon me and I’m no further along my road to writing something profound than when I started this 8 hours ago. Maybe something will happen, or not happen, en route home that will catalyze something latent within. If so, you’ll be the first to know.


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