Golden November and a Thought to Finish the Month

Today had a visual, golden quality to it, from the early walk on the marsh right through to the end of day. The unusual warmth and sun we’ve enjoyed this month stand in contrast to the normally gray days of November when it can be so wet and cold we feel jettisoned into winter way before we can pack away the summer duds. The dog and I had the woods and fields to ourselves today, and the trail afforded the usual  luxury of space for thoughts to meander, time to let them, and a beautiful setting to serve as backdrop.

It must be the weather that inspires these random but deeply felt thoughts this week, thoughts that grab you, ones that seem to arrive into your RAM much more than having been derived by you. Today  an idea came to me as I caught myself considering situations when things go UNsaid in our conversations, especially between friends or acquaintances. Although we may think we know someone well, sometimes moments present themselves when not everything can be said or shared.

What came into my mind, neatly wrapped, was this: “We need to respect the unsaid. We need to respect, sometimes, the things that cannot be said.”

I confess I am not entirely sure where to go with this thought myself, and now we’ve arrived at the end of the day, my time is short,  and there are dishes to do and a few other things to get done. So we can ponder this for a while. We want our children to respect what other people say. I wonder, if we sharpen our perception, whether there are times the “unsaid” and “unable to be said” also deserves respect, or even silent action on our part?


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