Not quite Bountiful Thoughts

I’m glad the sun is shining as the train full of commuters returns them to the city and the routines of pre-holiday doings. The image of the cornucopia comes to mind as the fullness of just four days “away, but at home” meanders into my mind. The horn of plenty seems to fit my jumble of thoughts. And soon these too will be set aside for the normal work of the day.

Too early this morning, I step from the shower and realize while one has a houseguest, one does not sing while one works or showers, at least not out loud.

Offspring often don’t want to hear your stories. They want to write their own.

Feeling someone’s absence may not be the same as wanting that person’s presence.

Chores are more easily accomplished if one takes a break to read a good book for 30 minutes either before, or after, the work.

Cramming the list of To Do Today into one’s handbag aids one’s sense of direction for the day. Donning an extra piece of jewelry, or any jewelry in my case, also serves as a reminder of something important to do, TODAY.

I hope the dog sleeps well on this Monday, his long day to be home alone.


That’s all I have as the train pulls in, but I hope your holidays were refreshing, and that we pace ourselves to slow down as Advent unfolds before us.


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