A Maze of Maize

I confess: On Thursday night we turned in at the end of the 7th , missing the Cardinals tenacious win. I don’t like to miss such exciting games, but these days have been filled with activities, work, plans and changes of plans as we host our French exchange student for 3 weeks or so. And all of us are feeling the change of season. Even the vague aches of my son, our student’s peer host, turned out to be bona fide strep and legitimate “growing pains” today. Who knew?

We’ve been explaining the rules of baseball to our guest, and as we watched last evening, he communicated to me that he’d been speaking with other American and French friends about visiting a maze, the kind advertised on signs around here this time of year. I was pretty sure I knew what he meant, but things got more interesting as he struggled to describe what the maze was made of, which is, of course, maize!

I am very tempted to write, Amazing!

But I shan’t. Instead I will only offer pale reflections on how I am reminded of my dependence on clear communication to navigate through my responsibilities and daily doings. Quite capable of silence, I also very much need others’ words of correction, evaluation and information about what is happening around me. Crossing a language barrier takes time and effort, and we need to slow down in so many ways. Challenging, when work or weather or whatever conspire to make us feel that we are getting further behind the faster we run. But slow down we should.

It could snow tomorrow, and it certainly will rain. I don’t know how any kids can find their way out of a maze in daylight, let alone darkness. I confess I am afraid to enter such a maze of maize. But by then, the Series will be over, and with it, another season of baseball and the joy, even if it is mostly illusion, of sitting down finally at the end of busy days to watch the home team, or any team, engage in the National Pastime.

I’ll have to let the readership know how our maze adventure goes out there with the corn, the elements, our languages, and our French guests. We’ll go explore something tomorrow night as the sun continues to set earlier, and the temperatures put baseball to bed. Jigsaw puzzle by the woodstove, anyone?

I thought not. 🙂


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