Making Time to Look Up

I wonder what it would be like to travel backward through our lives, just as I watch,  through my train window, the marsh pass left to right, seeing where I have been instead of where I am going. The month of September will beat a hasty retreat at the end of this week, and so many of us wonder : how can the month be over?

September is so full of changes. New routines get set, the weather can’t decide what it’s doing, the Red Sox throw all but the truly stalwart into turmoil. In my little corner of the world,  the blog has been  all but ignored; the family newsletter not given even a random thought; the house has spun to its usual out of control status, even though we did manage to organize 3 days of deferred maintenance. Yes, my knee rehab appointments are underway, but the at-home exercises starting at 10:30pm? We’re still running so fast there’s no time to look around the next corner.

But today I found myself with 3 extra minutes on the platform. Looking down at myself  to see if I was  intact after two changes of clothes and three changes of footwear (flats,  take-dog-down-the-road boots, sneakers). I found I was dressed, if not quite in my right mind. But then  I happened to look up: I was across from a gap in the treeline that provides a great view of the Great Marsh. The sun, golden on the marsh, made me realize I’ve been looking down way too long. I need to make time to look up.

Perhaps it’s being cut-off from our normal walks with the dog as he continues his rest from his knee surgery in June, or the scramble that ensued to pick up jobs to defray those costs. Settling two kids back on campus, another in a new school and welcoming another back to the area has enlivened and brought the mix of joy and longing we feel as children use their roots to spread their wings. But whatever the reasons, I hereby issue a call for a Fall epiphany. I know it’s not the normal liturgical time, but I invite you, and  all of us, to make at least a little time to watch Nature don her autumnal shawl. She weaves a beautiful tapestry before going to sleep, and want to promise myself I will watch for it.

Starting on Wednesday.


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