Back to the September Routine

As the familiar Monday morning train heads into the city and the light somehow looks more autumnal than a month ago, I wonder as so many others do where time really goes. The weeks away from writing have provided an unintentional vacation of sorts, and somewhere in that time, a real vacation happened as well. Airlifted out of Boston, I flew to Chicago and had a wonderful  time driving my mother and two other 80+ years young relative down the “left” side of Indiana to their class reunion in western Kentucky. No music or audio books were needed with this crowd. Hardly a breath was drawn as we gave life to that expression, “sit down and visit” and regaled each other with tales from today and yesterday. All in 100 degree heat.

The time since my return has been filled with catch-up on all fronts. Taking up pieces from all mantles of responsibilities color the days and I’m grateful for the refreshment I found in some time away. It’s the first day of high school at a new school for my youngest, and I think of him as I face forward in the traincar and gaze at the skyline. How will it be for him? Are my other kids at work and in college well this morning? The newspaper in my bag invites me to catch up on the reflections made yesterday and I know there are several tasks calling in the office. We need to pace ourselves and be mindful of so many people who work to give us this fragile stability…while continuing to have hope for those who seek any work at all.

My Saturday morning included the thrill of watching NASA’s GRAIL Mission launch. The countdown was so exciting. I remembered that as a few hours later, I found myself counting down the quarters at the Laundromat where I’d decamped to catch up on that front. Early September is a month of countdowns, or, rather, perhaps it’s the month we find ourselves on the launch pad from our lazy and restorative summer.

Perhaps we were unknowingly counting down to this.


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