It’s Still the Small Things

We have emerged, this bright Monday morning, from several more days of gray and rain last week. Now, not a cloud in the sky and, as the 70’s–ouch–song says, “…got the sun in my eyes,” …and so does everyone else shuffling out on the train and hoping that everything they left behind will be dry by evening.

I’ve already had a nice surprise today even though I’ve only been awake an hour. My daughter and I made our usual stop for our mobile, warm and berry laden breakfast, and as I headed over for the very non-scenic walk to the actual platform, I saw another man stride purposefully behind one of the buildings that sit in the parking lot along my usual route. Wondering if he might also be headed for the platform, I veered to the left and saw him, still striding, behind the chain link fence. And there, in front of me, was what I thought might be there: a bona fide cut through door to the train platform.

I put my cup down on the concrete bumper, rearranged my various bags, and wondered why something so small could make me so glad. No doubt this door will save me some time, a few steps, and a rather ugly footpath that goes between two dumpsters. But it’s also just a nice thing that someone provided for people who ride the train. We’re all going somewhere, and when something smoothes the journey, it’s great.

So, alas, no lofty words of wisdom on this June morning, no panoply of praise or songs of thanksgiving, although I am grateful for safe travels in the family, removal of dog sutures, and the jobs that all 6 of us will accomplish today either at home or in the workplaces. Rather, I offer this grace note as I head off to another week, with hope for the world and wonder at so many of the things we find in it.


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