It was easy to notice “bookends” on the full day yesterday. At 9:30 pm I was washing the same two heavy clay bread baking loaf dishes I had worked with at 8:00 am. As they sat diagonally draining in the basket, it made all that had gone before in the day feel somehow balanced.

Days at home with no car are luxuries. This one was no exception, except that it was mostly filled with post surgical mothering of the shaved and rather forlorn looking dog. Now we begin a slow dance of restricted, very restricted activities for a full-of-life Labrador. It seems the knee repair was the only and next logical step. And so it begins.

But back to bread making; when it works, it’s creative. It’s satisfying to see the loaves rise. And this, followed by normal work, laundry, phone calls, and plenty of time for lying on the porch reading or stretching out makes one feel as though it really is summer. It’s good to make time to slow down.

Mind you, there are those pesky bumps in the road. Five eggs required for a middle school Spanish assignment to make a Nicaraguan dessert. The dog’s inflatable collar not quite preventing him from going after his sutures in the night when we’d collapsed under the weight of this same, slow and pleasant day.  Having to fuss with a dead digital camera in order to make a snapshot of the son who was named an MVP of his school’s lacrosse league.  The normal dose of news in the paper. But there in the drying rack were the two clay pans. It was a good to note the moment before heading upstairs and think, just a little, about what tomorrow might bring.


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