Home Day

This has been a day so full of interesting things seldom done: a two hour nap?! after dropping off the car of an oil change; doing my campus work with the dog sleeping across my lap (big dog); catching the first scent of lilacs in the gentle afternoon rain; getting to the gym at 8pm; and perhaps the real shocker: making a loaf of homemade wheat bread.

It’s embarrassing that I haven’t tried to make yeast bread for twenty years; what has kept me away? True, I prefer to have a thermometer on hand, and correct, measured ingredients. But even without these, we enjoyed a great outcome. The dough rose and baked just as it should, despite me.

An interesting side note was that while this was happening, I had trouble starting the dishwasher. I found language on the new package of scrub pads I began to use as a backup. But when I saw the kinds of suds produced, and reread the package, I paused. (I actually called a friend to consult, but no answer) Consider:  If a product can wash the whitewalls of your tires, should you be using it on your dishes? I decided, not.

I call these days “home days” even though half the day is spent on the real-out-of-house-job, via my laptop. These days afford the chance to slow down (sometimes) and, as now as the day ends, some bills paid and phone calls made spiced up the day’s accomplishments. Even a load of laundry got thrown in, albeit the “lay flat to dry” load which, after these two days of rain, may be flat, but not dry.

It strikes me how insignificant it all sounds. A standing family joke is to wish one another “a quiet day at home,” a phrase that popped out of my mouth one time and was delivered in some kind of accent derived from Buster’s mother on  Arthur  and something vaguely Canadian. Who cares that on my quiet day at home I pulled out 10 dandelions when a bluebird visited the peach blossoms in the tree by the pool? Or that  on the dog’s limited 10 minute walk down the road, my neighbor drove by and we caught up briefly?

Perhaps tomorrow something that feels more significant will emerge. Until then, I’m grateful for a day that runs counter to the heavy news that fills my daily paper. Do you agree it feels a little hard to “go back to normal, at least this week?”


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