Small in the Middle of the Big

On the ‘drop-off-the-student-catch-your-own-train’ drive this May spring morning, I prepared to list the small things that were already workingwell/not working well  in my young  morning. But this notion passed as I sat in the car, catching just a snippet of a radio interview with a Boston based flight attendant in the wake of last evening’s late breaking and Presidentially announced news.

Happily on most days, 11:30pm is on the late side of the evening and an hour most of us are not still wandering around. However, last night one student had just returned from a reunion of some sort, two others of us had been assembling a curtain to cover an antler based art project, and someone else was no doubt trying to get the house closed up. The senior son, who had snapped on the sports channel for one last check on the scores, called us to come to the living room, and it came to me as I watched the President tell the world that Osama bin Laden was dead that I wouldn’t forget this hastily assembled tableau in front of me. We stood mesmerized, listening to news that would reverberate around the world for some time to come.

Only this morning while combing through the paper printed too late to have included this matter, could I touch again last week’s ongoing major concerns: the tornadoes, Libya; Syria; remember the crippled reactor in Japan and her people?

Earlier last evening at a social gathering, talk still turned to the Royal Wedding of Friday. Come to think of it, pictures of the now beatified pope made the front pages Saturday and today. All these big things reduce my moments for the blog to the blink of an eye.

What was I going to list as working well, did I think? My warm drink this frosty morning; the warmth of the sun reflecting on the metallic parking payment face; the mound of pansies under the bank sign; the parked and not to be used again huge snow removal machine over there at the factory. Not working too well? Not remembering to travel with my small “Aquapods” to stay hydrated; wearing my dark winter coat because the dog started to chew it; itchy poison ivy all over the underside of my left forearm.

But none of this is sufficient currency for this day. Forget it. Today each person will carry, or should carry, more gravity into their day than they did yesterday. As we move through the small of our day today, I hope we keep some part of us thinking about people elsewhere who will take small steps to relieve hearts that swell or ache.


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