Good Friends, Nice Strangers

Yesterday was full of stops and starts, and many loose ends:  the kind of day that makes you feel you haven’t really accomplished anything, but in fact things do get crossed off the TO DO list. The gloomy wet weather contributed to a lack of focus, or so I’d like to think.

But intermixed with all the errands, the “done” and the “undone,” were several moments to think about  friendship. The owner of the glasses store in town didn’t miss a beat in fixing the side piece of my glasses which had come off yet again. While I waited, a woman told me about her 13 year old happy Lab whose knees were in tough shape due to his rough but active life. I was grateful to this stranger who was happy to share a few tips about this challenging situation we face with our dog.

Encouraged, I next found myself reclined in the dental chair for the routine clean. My mind wandered back to the dorm room of my senior year in college, when I was a resident advisor to 60 mostly freshmen girls.  I could easily visualize that single room, and I remembered a macramé plant holder I’d constructed. And from there, I thought back to that interesting stage of life: many friends, few worries, and, oddly enough, a virtual parade of craft projects I foisted on unsuspecting men to whom I was then attracted. I’m not a crafty person, but if there was something I hadn’t tried, I went for it:  a green wavy ripple afghan;  a dark brown crocheted three panel  blanket; a decoupaged plaque; latch hook rugs;  Christmas ornaments;  a landscape painted on a slab of old wood;  the macramé plant holder. By the time my teeth were cleaned, I’d realized the only man I hadn’t give a craft to was the one who married me. Could be significant.

All through the day I had thoughts of good friends far and near, and how even the simplest kind word from a stranger can remind us we’re on a path together. Some small things I’m thankful for today:

Hospital corners made correctly the first time (I didn’t attend boarding school, where my husband says he learned how)

My daughter bought me a chai latte.

When we ran to the mall for an errand, it was Clinique Bonus Time.

When I got home, the dog put his head in my lap.

No cavities.

Now it’s time to put Jerusalem in view for the rest of Holy Week. I heard we may see the Sun tomorrow.


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