(Re) Calibrate for Joy

I enter the blogosphere with trepidation, I confess, but mostly optimistic that it will provide a small place for minds to rest. My desk, Dropbox, inbox, backpacks, notebooks all contain notes from dog walks on the marsh, trips on the commuter rail, endless runs to the store to feed the home brood, the view of the back garden as winter yields to spring.

So I begin, with that cup of tea and a random opening to the May 2010 entry in “The Red Notebook.” What I said then seems fitting for the first post on a blog to lift up small things.

We often hear:  “It’s the small things!” or “It’s the little things that count.” I’m wondering today how to make these words change our ways, to fan their small fires into flames we can’t ignore.

It’s not in the great halls of power we need begin. Let’s take an ordinary cool spring day. Hastily gathering my lunch, I bemoan aloud, “I bet we forgot the baggies at the store.” (Yes, I confess we use these but, sometimes, I do reuse.) But my husband, blocking traffic in the skinny catwalk we call the “Corridor of Power, ” the aisle between the table and the cabinets, proudly announces, “NO! We have baggies!” and with a flourish, produces a pristine bag with ziplock tops. I even liked his confident declaration, “You can count on it!”

I think back to the day he changed to location of the alarm clock from the desk to a perch on top of the bookcase. Suddenly,  we could see the little clock without neck cramps:  who needs a happy 401K? Another day, my closet light came on when I pulled the string. It’s out now, but someday it will be back. I’ll give thanks.

Often the small things,  the mundane, the not-connected-at-all-to-the-pain-or-suffering-of-the-world, come our way. They are easily overshadowed by a real host of problems and fears, and we beat a hasty retreat. But let’s not run too far. Sometimes we will be able to take a step of solution to the problems, but let’s also recalibrate our scale for joy. It’s there in surprising guises, so yes:  Sing a little song. Do a little dance. Pass the baggies.




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4 responses to “(Re) Calibrate for Joy

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  2. Beautiful post – I especially love the phrase, “re-calibrate our scale for joy.” Thank you!

  3. I love it! “The Corridor of Power!” 😉

  4. Jessamine Robinson

    Dear Chris – you make me smile! Thank you for sharing your musings.

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